Go green!

The first ever Green GB Week 2018 is being launched this year (15 -19 October), as part of a new government initiative to showcase how the UK is currently tackling the issue of toxic emissions. The concept is ‘clean growth’ and the initiative shows how it can bring benefits to all parts of society. Activities and events are to be held across the UK to inspire local communities to get on board.

Clean growth is simply economic growth resulting from ‘cleaner’ business practices, which can be applied on a local or global scale.  Motivating businesses and people to switch to low carbon emitting technologies and to use cleaner resources in a more efficient way means that everyone can lend a helping hand in tackling the issue of climate change – whilst creating new jobs and cleaner air!

This year, the week will focus on the UK’s leadership approach to climate change, with emphasis on how well the UK has done in moving towards becoming a cleaner economy, whilst highlighting the urgent need to tackle climate change. It is encouraging to know that the UK has led the world to date in cutting emissions while creating wealth. Between 1990 and 2016, the UK reduced its emissions by over 40% while growing the economy by more than two-thirds – the best performance in the G7 on a per person basis (1).

Of course this week will naturally provide a fantastic platform for the latest research into the impacts of climate change, especially for the UK’s academic community. The latest green technology would never have happened if it wasn’t for the brilliant minds of scientists and engineers – which is why Imperial College London are also celebrating this week, marking the occasion with the launch of their first ever Imperial Lates, which aims to be a evening series of after-hours discovery events.

Imperial Lates: Greenovate 18 October 2018, 18.00pm to 21.00pm.

Unfortunately, the event has already sold out due to incredibly high demand, so we hope you managed to register! Imperial Lates: Greenovate aims to exhibit the science behind the green innovations and new ideas, which could help address the major environmental issues we face. An evening filled with activities, academics, students and staff; see how they capture the spirit of Green GB Week for one night only! With opportunities to print your own sun harvesting wallpaper, shape future innovations with at an ideas workshop, and take part in a frank discussion on how the UK can tackle London’s air pollution, this evening is will be a great way to enjoy Green GB week. Throw in a bar and you’re bound to have a fun, relaxing and educational evening!

The programme for the night includes:

  • Discuss new approaches to tackling London’s air pollution crisis through innovation and evidence-based policy making 
  • Make your own bioelectrode badge to take home and build your own living solar cell with the inventors of paper bio-batteries and sun powered wallpaper
  • Visit a futuristic Carbon Capture Pilot Plant in the heart of London and learn what aero chocolate can teach us a lot about storing captured CO2 beneath our feet
  • Lend your views to our next generation of green tech innovators and discuss their latest ideas for inventions that will change our future
  • Enter an immersive ocean plastic’s zone created by artist Vinita Khanna showcasing potential solutions to this global problem through new recycling technology and membrane lined turbines to hoover up the man-made waste in our seas
  • Whet your whistle by sampling our specially created eco-friendly beer
  • Tell your polypropylenes from your polyethylene and tackle ocean plastic with the Team Matoha students, and their infrared spectroscopy tool to cheaply & quickly sort plastics by hand – aiding developing world recycling
  • Check out students designs for sunlight filters to promote coral growth in algae-occupied shallow coastal sea
  • Keep cool with our solar powered fridge that is being field tested both in India and on our roof here in South Kensington to provide

So make sure to go green with Greenovate! If you didn’t manage to secure tickets keep a look out for future Imperial Late events.

Get involved!

The government wants everyone to get on board – here’s a toolkit with information on the ways you can support Green GB week!

Written By Anna Hoang