We are looking for a Volunteer Coordinator. Please find the duties of the role below or visit our page.

If you are interested in this role, please email secretary@science-london.com with a short (200-300 word) description of why you would like to get involved as well as any experience that you have.

The Volunteer Coordinator will be responsible for:

  1. Adding prospective volunteers to the mailing list
  2. Removing volunteers who no longer want to be on the mailing list
  3. Organise and host induction meetings (monthly or bimonthly depending on volunteer demand).
  4. Aim to keep track of the mailing list at least once a year, that means sending out a yearly email to ask volunteers if they still want to be a member or not
  5. Do “Call-out” emails if we require more volunteers for a particular project / event
  6. Ask prospective volunteers to fill out our Google Form. Once you have read through them, you can get back in touch to give them an induction pack and project list. It is then up to the volunteers what project they want to be part of.
  7. Answer emails that are sent to the volunteer@science-london.com account
  8. Possible things you could introduce to the role: Make an evaluation form for volunteers asking what else they want a volunteer coordinator to do

But don’t worry! You will be working alongside with Angharad so you won’t be doing it all alone! 

The role requires good organisational skills, communication and enthusiasm! We’d definitely recommend this position if you are seeking experience in Science Communication and experience in coordinating volunteers. It would help if the candidate is proficient at writing and checking emails and good at navigating around the Google Drive.

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