July Scibar: Mass (Re)Production in the Age of 3D Printing

Although 3D printing has been around since the 80s, it’s only in the last 10 years that it’s been accessible to the masses. This is largely due to the expiration of key patents, which have allowed companies to develop desktop 3D printers that produce high-quality items for increasingly lower costs.

Additive manufacturing was initially used to rapidly prototype ideas and concepts; lowering the cost and development time of the design cycle. Now, not only is it used in rapid prototyping, but it can produce the finished product, personalized to the “market of one”.

This technology has created a shift in the power balance. At the click of a button, the individual has the means to recreate a myriad of products in the comfort of their own home. But are we missing something? With this ease of mass reproduction, is the understanding of the design process being lost?

For July’s SciBar event, Dr. Carinna Parraman considers our relationship with technology, craft and the design processes necessary to make a product. Join us to discover more about how digital technologies have changed and challenged the way we perceive, construct and print images and objects.

Date: 17th July 2018
Venue: The Star of Kings, 126 York Way, N1 0AX
Timings: 7pm-9pm (incl. 30 min talk, discussion, networking, and activities)
Age: 18+
Cost: FREE!




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