SciBar is a public-friendly lecture series hosted by Science London that introduces scientific talks from a range of experts in an informal setting. SciBar is great for audiences from all backgrounds (including non-scientists!) with an interest in science.
Please come along to our next event:
The Alchemists’ Dream – An evening of microscale chemistry
Speaker: Bob Worley
About the talk
You may be used to chemistry as being explosions, fires and sparks. Much of the explanations fly over the heads of most people. Just as on Fireworks Night, you are there for the entertainment. It is all rather like a magic show. But just as there are two extremes of magic, large scale illusions and sleight-of-hand “intimate” magic, there are both large chemical demonstrations and small scale which is called microchemistry.
In this evening, Bob Worley will demonstrate some of the most beautiful effects of carrying out chemistry on the small scale and projecting it onto a screen so you can all see. Amongst the demonstrations will be a small Hofmann Voltameter, producing hydrogen and oxygen, which combined make an excellent rocket fuel and he will show how to convert a 2p piece into “Silver” and “Gold”. When it is your turn, you can try some microelectrolysis, magnetise magnesium and more puddle chemistry!
About the speaker
Bob Worley FRSC, MSc, BSc was Head of Chemistry at Norwich School for sixteen years before moving to CLEAPSS as the chemistry adviser. He is now semi-retired but a nerd! He has over 20 years experience in dealing with safety and practical procedure with chemicals in schools in the UK. The aim of CLEAPSS is to enable practical, not to stop it, so it can continue despite the concerns of safety. This initiated his involvement into alternative procedures and then research into microscale techniques. He now finds these small scale techniques do more than making chemistry practicals safer, they enhance classroom management, challenge students in their thinking about what happens at the nano-level and introduce both teachers and students to new chemicals and reactions, eg hydrogenation of alkenes.
Date- 19th April 2018
Venue- City of London Academy Islington
Timings- 7pm-9pm (incl. 30 min talk, discussions, networking and activities)
Age: 18+
Please book your tickets here.

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