On the 22nd of November we hosted our Future Debate event, a discussion on whether it matters who funds science.

Our fantastic panel presented an energised debate, matched by an engaged and curious audience. We thank everyone who attended and who made the event possible.

Some excellent questions were asked by our audience, including:

  • To best support the research community, should a funder support one senior researcher, or more young researchers?
  • Is a limit on funding necessary to ensure that science is competitive and high-quality?
  • How will Brexit impact on funding within the UK?
  • How is funding and research regulated?

Following the event, we asked the attendees to complete a survey. Here are a few key, exciting findings:

  • A massive 86% of the audience found the event good or positive, and 62% said their interest in science was increased (no-one’s interest decreased, fortunately).
  • Following the intense debate, only 7% of our audience were still very uncomfortable with private companies funding research, though the majority were only moderately comfortable with the idea.
  • Most of our audience considered themselves connected with science, though a quarter described themselves as fairly unacquainted with it before the event.

Overall, the debate was a massive success, and few wanted it to end. Sadly, we had to vacate the event room and finish off the party rings.

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